About OCB

The Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) program focuses on the ocean’s role as a component of the global Earth system, bringing together research in geochemistry, ocean physics, and ecology that inform on and advance our understanding of ocean biogeochemistry. The overall program goals are to promote, plan, and coordinate collaborative, multidisciplinary research opportunities within the U.S. research community and with international partners. Important OCB-related activities currently include: the Ocean Carbon and Climate Change (OCCC) and the North American Carbon Program (NACP); U.S. contributions to IMBER, SOLAS, CARBOOCEAN; and numerous U.S. single-investigator and medium-size research projects funded by NASA, NOAA, and NSF.

OCB will support any project at the request of the PI(s) that falls within our broad scientific priorities; projects can be already underway or in the planning stage, and the scope can be from an individual scientist to multi-scientist teams. Support from OCB could include helping to publicize upcoming field opportunities, facilitate collaboration from different research teams, disseminate research findings, data sets and model products, and develop and share educational and public outreach material. OCB does not approve or endorse any particular research project---that is the role of the peer review process and the federal science agencies. Instead, OCB will make recommendations on research topics and priorities within the framework of ocean biogeochemistry and related ecological science.