OCB Scientific Steering Committee

The Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Scientific Steering Committee (OCB-SSC) was formed in February 2006. The OCB-SSC was created jointly by NSF, NASA and NOAA to provide critical leadership to the OCB community by helping to identify research priorities and promote, plan, and coordinate collaborative, multidisciplinary research opportunities in ocean biogeochemistry. SSC members serve a term of three years. Parentheses indicate term end (end of year) for each member.

Carol Arnosti (UNC) (2015) - organic carbon cycling by microbial communities

Mark Brzezinski (UCSB) (2016) - silicon biogeochemistry, diatoms

Kristen Buck (USF) (2016) - biogeochemical cycling of trace metals in marine ecosytems

Adrian Burd (UGA) (2016) - physical and biogeochemical process modeling, benthic macrophytes, marine food web dynamics

Craig Carlson (UCSB) (2015) (Chair) - marine microbial ecology, bacterioplankton, dissolved organic carbon

Matthew Church (U Hawaii) (2017) (Vice-Chair) - microbial oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, ocean time-series

Kendra Daly (USF) (ex officio) - biological oceanography, zooplankton ecology

Scott Doney (WHOI) (ex officio) - marine biogeochemical modeling, ocean acidification

Hugh Ducklow (LDEO) (2015) - microbial food web dynamics, coastal ecosystems, long-term monitoring (Palmer LTER)

Eileen Hofmann (ODU) (2015) - coupled physical-biological modeling of marine ecosystems

Bethany Jenkins (URI) (2016) - marine microbial genetics and implications for biogeochemical processes in marine ecosystems

Michael Lomas (Bigelow) (2017) - biogeochemistry, phytoplankton physiology, marine food webs

Nicole Lovenduski (U Colorado, Boulder) (2017) - modeling and observation of ocean biogeochemistry; polar climate change and its impact on the oceans; global carbon cycle dynamics; global climate modeling

Todd Martz (Scripps) (2015) - biogeochemical sensor development, marine inorganic carbon cycle

Jeremy Mathis (U. Alaska, Fairbanks/NOAA/PMEL) (2016) - marine chemistry, biogeochemical processes, ecosystem dynamics, carbon and nitrogen cycling

Susanne Neuer (Arizona State Univ.) (2016) - role of phytoplankton in mediating carbon flux, plankton ecology, and trophic dynamics in both marine and freshwater systems

Michael Roman (UMD/HPL) (2016) - zooplankton ecology, hypoxia in coastal systems

David Siegel (UCSB) (ex officio) - coupling of physical, biological, optical and biogeochemical processes on micro to ocean basin scales

Deborah Steinberg (VIMS) (2017) - zooplankton ecology and physiology, coastal and deep-sea food webs, and carbon and nutrient cycling

Benjamin Van Mooy (WHOI) (2017) - rates of microbial carbon and phosphorus cycling in the sea; microbial chemical communication and defense in marine biofilms; biological cycling and molecular composition of microbial polar lipids; marine algal biofuels

Angelicque White (OSU) (2017) - bio-optics, phytoplankton physiology, nitrogen fixation, phosphorus cycling, elemental stoichiometry


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