Topical Subcommittees

Ocean Time-series Committee (OTC)

The primary focus of the Ocean Time-series Committee (OTC) is shipboard time-series stations, but this committee also seeks to improve existing and develop new ocean observing capabilities in support of OCB science, including autonomous instrument time-series. OTC continually works to align the evolving scientific needs of the OCB community with existing ocean observing capabilities and draw attention to critical observational gaps. Current OTC members include: Matt Church, Mike DeGrandpre, Stephanie Henson, Richard Lampitt, Naomi Levine, David "Roo" Nicholson, Oscar Schofield, Heidi Sosik, and Angel White. For more detailed information, please contact the OCB Project Office and/or view the OTC charge and terms of reference.

Ocean Acidification Subcommittee

Ocean acidification is a high priority research topic identified by OCB. The far-reaching effects of ocean acidification on marine biogeochemical cycles and biology, combined with the increasing interest in the topic both nationally and internationally, prompted the OCB-SSC to recommend the formation of an Ocean Acidification Subcommittee in 2008 to promote, plan, and coordinate collaborative, multidisciplinary research opportunities related to ocean acidification. For more information on the OCB OA Subcommittee, please download the OCB-OA Charge and Terms of Reference.

Simone Alin NOAA/PMEL
Andreas Andersson Scripps Inst. of Oceanography
Rusty Brainard NOAA/NMFS Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Ctr
Jeremy Mathis (co-chair) Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks
Cathy Pfister Univ. of Chicago
Joe Salisbury UNH
Sergio Signorini NASA GSFC
Taro Takahashi LDEO
Carol Turley Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Kim Yates (co-chair) USGS
Richard Feely (ex-officio) NOAA/PMEL


Ocean Fertilization Subcommittee

Projected increases in atmospheric CO2 levels and potential associated changes in the earth's climate have prompted scientists and engineers to devise strategies for removing some of this CO2 from the atmosphere. One such strategy involves the addition of micronutrients such as iron to the ocean to stimulate phytoplankton activity, thus increasing photosynthesis and subsequent removal of atmospheric CO2. Understanding the importance of keeping the OCB community connected to ocean fertilization science and policy activities, the OCB SSC recently identified the need for an ocean fertilization subcommittee. With oversight from this subcommittee, the OCB Project Office has developed an ocean fertilization website as a clearinghouse of ocean fertilization news and informational resources to support the OCB community.

This OCB subcommittee is charged with:

  • Developing and maintaining an informational website with scientific and educational tools and resources for the OCB community
  • Responding to requests for information on ocean fertilization from media, educators, and the OCB community
  • Providing input on scientific planning activities related to ocean fertilization
Ken Buesseler (Chair) WHOI
Mary-Elena Carr Columbia University
Fei Chai University of Maine
Kendra Daly University of South Florida
David Karl University of Hawaii
Marian Westley NOAA/GFDL