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Tim Eglinton elected as Fellow of Royal Society


Timothy Eglinton
Professor of Biogeoscience, Geological Institute, ETH Zürich

Professor Timothy Eglinton has revolutionized studies of Earth's 
carbon cycle. By developing an entirely new means of tracing the 
pathways of organic carbon in surface environments, ranging from 
eroding landforms to rivers, floodplains, the oceanic water column, 
microbial communities and marine sediments, he has replaced countless 
estimates and assumptions with accurately known transport times and 
carbon budgets. His findings have illuminated and reconciled formerly 
discrepant paleoclimatic records, revealed new forms of microbial 
life, demonstrated that microorganisms can attack and remobilise 
billion-year-old organic material, and traced the pathways of 
petroleum-derived carbon in surface environments.

Scott Doney
Senior Scientist
Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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