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Free translation of The nauplii of 85 common marine pelagic copepods

Dear Colleague,

Prof. A.G. Hirst of the University of London and myself wish to inquire
whether you would consider to order a free copy of a translation by M.V.
Shadrin and J.A.Rudjakov (emended by the two of us) of

Sazhina, L.I., 1985. The nauplii of 85 common marine pelagic copepods.
Kiev: Naukova Dumka, 238 pp. with 98 plates with 5-15 detailed figures
each (ca. 20 cm x 15 cm)

The book provides illustrated keys for the six stages of the nauplii of 85
species broadly distributed in the Atlantic with its adjacent seas, the
eastern tropical Pacific, and the warm parts of the Indian Ocean. It is
the first and still the only key of its kind. A.G.Hirst and myself are
currently finishing the editing of the translation.

India's National Institute of Oceanography in Dona Paula (Goa, India) has
agreed to arrange the layout for printing toward free distribution, but we
cannot yet make a well-founded estimate of the number of copies to be
printed. Hence, the inquiry.

An e-mail or FAX to me about your interest within the next three weeks
would do the job. It will be much appreciated!

Karl Banse, Emeritus


Karl Banse
School of Oceanography
Box 357940
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-7940
phone (206) 543-5079, fax (206) 543-6073

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