OCB Projects

This list is dependent upon your contribution of information about OCB-relevant projects

OCB Projects include any project that falls within the broad scientific themes of OCB and that the PI(s) have self-identified as an OCB activity. Projects can be already underway or in the planning stage, and the scope can be from an individual scientist to multi-scientist teams. Support from OCB could include helping to publicize upcoming field opportunities, facilitating collaboration from different research teams, disseminating research findings, data sets and model products, and developing and sharing educational and public outreach material. We encourage PIs with OCB-relevant projects to also seek endorsement from international partner programs such as IMBER (Integrated Marine Biogeohemistry and Ecosystem Research).

The OCB Project Office now maintains its projects list via an interface with the Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO)'s searchable database system. To add your project(s) to this list, please fill out a project metadata form (MS Word file) and submit it to the OCB Project Office. OCB Project Office staff will initially enter project descriptions and accompanying metadata and information about PI(s) into the BCO-DMO database system. If and when you are ready to submit project data, please contact BCO-DMO.



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