OCB Scoping Workshops

In addition to its broader multi-disciplinary annual summer science workshop, the OCB Project Office provides limited support for focused scoping workshops that target specific OCB research priorities, providing a public venue for members of the research community to discuss research challenges and implementation approaches. For more information, please consult the guidelines for planning OCB scoping workshops.


Upcoming Scoping Workshops

Improving predictive biogeochemical models through single cell-based analyses of marine plankton physiological plasticity, genetic diversity and evolutionary processes

May 28-30, 2014 (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, East Boothbay, Maine)

More information will be forthcoming in the next few weeks, including a link to a meeting website that will have detailed information on the application/selection process for attending the meeting and other relevant information.

Workshop Description: The global ocean is currently undergoing significant changes, from the acidification of surface seawater to expansion of mid-water oxygen minimum zones to changes in vertical stratification and nutrient inputs. Understanding these present changes and prediction of their impact on marine plankton-driven biogeochemical processes requires detailed information at the level of the individual organism, such as their physiological traits, characteristics, rate processes and plasticity to respond to environmental change. ‘Omics’ measurements can provide detailed information on taxonomic diversity, presence/absence of particular genes and if they are transcribed and translated, but these methods have limited ability to provide quantitative information on cellular characteristics and rate processes. Indeed, our current understanding of the relative importance of taxonomic diversity versus physiological plasticity in biogeochemical cycling of organic elements remains inadequate. Recent progress in various single cell and population-level analytical techniques offers an opportunity to bridge this knowledge gap. With this OCB Scoping Workshop, we seek to bring together people with complementary interests in observing and/or modeling specific traits and physiological characteristics and rates in marine plankton. The objective of this workshop is to summarize our current state of knowledge of physiological observations in single cells and taxonomic populations from the environment, identify impediments to filling this knowledge gap (including data handling and analysis), and discuss future research areas.


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