Northeast Pacific time-series reveals episodic events as major player in carbon export

Temporal fluctuations in the oceanic carbon budget play an important role in the cycling of organic matter from production in surface waters to consumption and sequestration in the deep ocean. A 29-year time-series (1989-2017) of particulate organic carbon (POC) fluxes and seafloor measurements of oxygen consumption in the abyssal northeast Pacific (Sta. M, 4,000 m […]


Ocean color offers early warning signal of climate change’s impact on marine phytoplankton

Marine phytoplankton form the foundation of the marine food web and play a crucial role in the earth’s carbon cycle. Typically, satellite-derived Chlorophyll a (Chl a) is used to evaluate trends in phytoplankton. However, it may be many decades (or longer) before we see a statistically significant signature of climate change in Chl a due […]


OCB2019 Registration is OPEN!

Register here Please register early, as space is limited and registration will close when we reach 180 participants. Registration fees are used to cover your lodging, meals and other on site workshop costs. Please see the workshop Logistics page for more details on costs and travel. The 2019 OCB Summer Workshop will be held June […]


Nitrous Oxide and Methane in the Ocean – new workshop video!

New short video about trace gases and the 2018 Methane & Nitrous Oxide workshop! In October 2018, an Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry (OCB)-sponsored workshop addressed questions to help determine the future directions of methane and nitrous oxide measurements in the global oceans. The workshop was designed to sit at the interface between laboratory analysis of […]


OCIM Workshop June 23 at OCB 2019

Workshop is full! If you are interested in the OCIM but can’t attend the workshop please seek Tim out during OCB2019 or contact him by email. A 1-day workshop will be held in Woods Hole on Sunday, June 23 just before the OCB workshop for those interested in using an ocean circulation inverse model (OCIM) […]


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