The arsenic respiratory cycle in pelagic waters of Oxygen Deficient Zones

Oxygen Deficient Zones (ODZs) are naturally occurring functionally anoxic regions of the open ocean which can act as proxies for early Earth’s anoxic ocean. Without free oxygen, microorganisms in these regions use alternative electron acceptors to oxidize organic material. These functionally anoxic regions are also hotspots for chemoautotrophic pathways. Some microorganisms can use arsenic based […]


Pumped up by the cold: Increased elemental density in polar diatoms

Large diatoms are common in polar phytoplankton blooms, contributing significantly to food webs and carbon export, but relatively little is known about their elemental biogeochemistry. A recent study in Frontiers in Marine Science showed that the size-dependent increase in cell nutrient content for polar diatoms was similar to published values for temperate diatoms, whereas the […]


SSC nominations are open!

OCB is seeking nominations for new Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) members, including a new early career SSC member. To qualify for the early career slot, a nominee must have completed a PhD within the last 4 years; both postdoctoral researchers and faculty members are eligible. For the early career nominees who are currently postdocs, a […]


The Technology is Here, the Time is Now: Expanding Biological Measurements on GO-SHIP

The oceanographic community has made great strides over the past couple of decades in developing physical and biogeochemical observing capacity. However, a more holistic understanding of marine ecosystem function and change will require more large-scale, sustained ocean biological and ecological observations. The time for such an integrated approach is now. With new instruments and sensors, […]


Ocean Carbon Exchange

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Phytoplankton and Climate comic

Check out the great new comic on phytoplankton and climate change by OCB scientist Uta Passow and comic Andy Warner. See the full panels on our Outreach & Education page.


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