Efficient carbon drawdown allows for a high future carbon uptake in the North Atlantic

As one of the major carbon sinks in the global ocean, the North Atlantic is a key player in mediating and ameliorating the ongoing global warming. Current projections of the North Atlantic carbon sink in a high-CO2 future vary greatly among models, with some showing that a slowdown in carbon uptake has already begun and […]


Investigating variability and change in subpolar Southern Ocean pCO2 via time-series and float data

The Southern Ocean dominates the mean global ocean sink for anthropogenic carbon, but its sparse sampling relative to other basins limits our capacity to quantify carbon uptake and accompanying seasonal to interannual variability, which is critical to predicting future ocean carbon uptake and storage. Since 2002, underway pCO2 measurements collected as part of the Drake […]


Ocean Carbon Exchange

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2019 OCB Activity Solicitation

2019 OCB Activity Solicitation The Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Program is soliciting proposals for OCB activities that will take place or begin during the 2019 calendar year. We seek proposals for OCB-relevant workshops and activities….Read More


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