Role for iron in controlling microbial phosphorus acquisition in the ocean

In the subtropical North Atlantic, dissolved inorganic phosphorus (DIP) concentrations are depleted and might co-limit N2 fixation and microbial productivity. There are relatively large pools of dissolved organic phosphorus (DOP), but microbes need an enzyme to access this P source. One such alkaline phosphatase (APase) enzyme requires zinc (Zn) as its activating cofactor. This has […]


4th U.S OA PI Meeting Application

February 17-19, 2018 Crowne Plaza Convention Center, Portland, OR The Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry (OCB) Program is working with a scientific organizing committee to plan the 4th U.S. Ocean Acidification Principal Investigators meeting in conjunction with the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting, where there will be numerous relevant sessions on changing ocean chemistry and ecosystem response. We hope to use […]


Ocean Carbon Exchange

Find jobs, read news from the OCB Project Office and OCB Community, view upcoming meeting and deadlines in the Ocean Carbon Exchange eNewsletter, sent every other Thursday. Click to read the latest issue or sign up here. Note, this eNewsletter replaces the ocb-all email listserv. The Ocean Carbon Exchange archive is available here. Please send announcements to […]


2018 OCB Activity Solicitation 

The Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Program is soliciting proposals for OCB activities that will take place during the 2018 calendar year. We seek proposals for OCB-relevant scoping workshops and smaller group activities as follows: Scoping workshops (50-70 people) that bring together an appropriate body of expertise to foster discussions and develop forward momentum in a specific OCB-relevant […]


OCB seeking Scientific Steering Committee member nominations

 OCB is currently seeking nominations for new Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) members, including a new early career SSC member. To qualify for the early career slot, a nominee must have completed a PhD within the last 4 years; both postdoctoral researchers and faculty members are eligible. For the early career nominees who are currently postdocs, a […]


Monitoring Ocean Change in the 21st Century

Time-series scientists and members of the OCB Ocean Time-series Committee have just published a feature article in Eos: Neuer, S., H. Benway, N. Bates, C. Carlson, M. Church, M. DeGrandpre, J. Dunne, R. Letelier, M. Lomas, L. Lorenzoni, F. Muller-Karger, M. J. Perry, P. Quay (2017). Monitoring ocean change in the 21st Century. Eos 98, […]


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