Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Committee

The scientific focus of this subcommittee is on ocean-atmosphere interactions and their role in marine biogeochemical cycles. There is a substantial overlap between the scientific goals of the OCB and SOLAS (Surface Ocean and Lower Atmosphere) communities, and this subcommittee seeks to strengthen communication and collaboration between ocean and atmospheric scientists to create a thriving, collaborative air-sea interaction research community in the US. View the charge and terms of reference for this subcommittee.


PI: Rachel Stanley (Wellesley College)

To contact the committee email OAIC@whoi.edu


Workshop: Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions: Scoping directions for U.S. research - October 1-3, 2019
This workshop will gather U.S. scientists working at the air-sea interface to identify research priorities and facilitate the communication and collaboration required for future significant research advances. Leadership for this workshop will be provided by the Ocean Atmosphere Interaction Committee (OAIC). The workshop will serve as a critical next step in strengthening the U.S. air-sea interaction research community and encouraging synergistic activities across disciplines and nations. This 3-day scoping workshop will be open to interested members of the community, but attendance will be limited to ~60-65 scientists who are prepared to contribute to in-depth discussions about research priorities and engagement with international SOLAS. Participants will present and share cutting edge research and participate in discussions to identify key knowledge gaps and prioritize research needed to advance the field. From the discussions at the workshop, the OAIC will assemble a “grassroots” document to help coalesce the U.S. air-sea interaction research community around a common set of science goals and research priorities. The workshop and its outcomes are expected to strengthen ties between the ocean and atmosphere research communities and foster a more cohesive U.S. contribution to international SOLAS. The workshop will be held October 1-3, 2019 at The Woodlands at Algonkian in Sterling, VA.

Rachel Stanley (Chair) - Wellesley College

Thomas Bell - Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Yuan Gao - Rutgers

Cassandra Gaston - Univ. Miami, RSMAS

David Ho - Univ. Hawaii

David Kieber - SUNY Syracuse

Kate Mackey - UC Irvine

Nicholas Meskhidze - NC State Univ.

Bill Miller - Univ. Georgia

Henry Potter (Early Career) - Texas A&M Univ.

Penny Vlahos - Univ. Connecticut

Patricia Yager - Univ. Georgia

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