Extreme Events Workshop

New OCB Scoping Workshop (October 23-26, 2022 at North Carolina State Univ. in Raleigh, NC, in person) : C-saw Time domain controls on carbon storage, release, and transformation in coastal and estuarine waters following extreme events.

The aim of this workshop is to push forward our knowledge of extreme weather and fire effects on coastal carbon cycling. This OCB Scoping Workshop will bring together a diverse group of scientists to build a community of monitors/observers, experimentalists, and modelers to address these challenging knowledge gaps across these spatial and temporal domains.

More information here: https://www.us-ocb.org/c-saw-extreme-events-workshop/

The workshop application will open in July. If this sounds interesting to you and you'd like to stay informed about the workshop, please fill out our expression of interest form to help us gauge community interest and ensure that you are notified when the workshop application opens.