OCB2021 recordings and more

 June was the month of OCB2021!

OCB2021 was an interactive series of online events with early career activities, interactive panel discussions, virtual poster sessions, and opportunities for networking and socializing throughout the month of June.

Thank you to everyone who attended, presented, spoke, joined discussions, led topics, developed sessions, and made OCB2021 a successful summer workshop! It was our largest attendance yet, and we saw participation from scientists around the world in this new virtual format.

Dive into the workshop content:

Whiteboards from small group discussions (organized by date)

See the virtual poster gallery (open through August)

Watch the extended pre-session talks and the live session recordings on the workshop website (see each agenda page) or on our YouTube playlists by session and for the whole workshop.

Please visit and contribute to our Jamboards - a space to gather ideas and design a path for OCB to continue moving forward on ECR and JEDI topics.

Lastly, we want to hear from you! If you registered and attended or ended up not joining any live sessions please take ~5 minutes to help us learn from this first virtual summer workshop by sharing your feedback and ideas.

Save the date for OCB2022: June 20-23, 2022 (Woods Hole, MA)


  • Bridging the divide between ocean biology and geochemistry (Chairs: Dreux Chappell, Adam Martiny, Patrick Rafter)
  • Optical biogeochemistry: Above and below the waterline (Chairs: Amy Maas, Seth Bushinsky, Maria Tzortziou)
  • Ocean-based negative emissions technologies (Chairs: Lennart Bach, Jaime Palter, Clare Reimers, Patrick Rafter)
  • Ocean Worlds (Chairs: Laura Lorenzoni, Paula Bontempi, Adam Martiny)
  • Opportunities and challenges in ecological forecasting (Chairs: Victoria Coles, Marjorie Friedrichs, Charlie Stock, Susanne Menden-Deuer, Raleigh Hood)